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Luis Pedro Castillo
Photographer & Filmmaker

A professional photographer since 2008 who established Luis Pedro Castillo Pictures, his second imaging company, in 2015. Luis is a native of Guadalajara, Mexico, he has called the Bay Area (particularly Santa Clara County) for the last 20 years. With a background in Computer Engineering, he has worked behind the camera as both photographer and cinematographer for individuals, corporations, and a wide variety of non-profit organizations for over 12 years. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, equality, pay gap, small business, immigration, STD/HIV prevention, education, and gun violence prevention, Luis Castillo is currently working on multiple projects with businesses and nonprofit organizations that raise money to continue to fulfill their mission and empowering them to disseminate information and services to more people in need.

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As I tell people when they really want to know… my full name is Luis Pedro Castillo Torres de Guadalajara Jalisco México. That’s right!

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area (in Los Gatos, CA,) I've been fortunate to work and collaborate with people not only in California, but also in Oregon, Washington, Washington DC, and New York.  My camera has also taken me to Victoria (Canada), Zapopan (MX), Puerto Vallarta (MX), Bangkok (Thailand), Udon Thani (Thailand), and Vientiane (Laos).

Being able to control the light using tools such as filters, light modifiers, hyper sync, etc, is vital to achieving the emotional and exciting images we strive for. Also, it is important to mention that photographers of today, such as myself, create not only still pictures but time lapses and videos using traditional SLRs, DSLRs, mobile phones, and video cameras. I've always had a passion for visual arts. I continuously educate myself and work on photography, video, and filmmaking. I'm excited to be part of today's photo society.

When people get to know me, they rapidly see that I can’t wait to eat my lovely wife’s new recipe creation; and I can’t wait to get out and photograph a great subject, make a new video, tell a unique story… capture something cool!

So... tell me what you have in mind, collaborate, and let's capture something cool!

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